In today’s episode of I Want Her Job: The Podcast, we check back in with Anna Lambert, director of talent acquisition at Shopify. An e-commerce platform that handles marketing, payments and shipping, Shopify empowers entrepreneurs all over the world. With more than $82 billion of transactions made on the platform, it powers more than 600,000 businesses.    Our original interview with Anna was one of our top 10 most-downloaded shows, and so we decided to get an update on her job and company for this week’s Career Quickie. We ask her about how Shopify hires differently, how the company’s open-mined approach attracts a wide variety of candidates and advice for how you can reach out and pitch yourself for a job.   Listen to our conversation to hear more about what recruiters want to see when you reach out to them. Also learn more about why your story, your interest in a job and your path can make you a strong candidate, with or without a traditional background. Shopify, Anna says, believes in the potential of passion, skills and transferable experience.