Frida Polli is the founder of Pymetrics, a startup that uses algorithms to reduce hiring bias through software. The software uses neuroscience-based games and cutting-edge AI to reinvent the way companies attract, select and retain talent. It also helps job seekers match to jobs best suited for their strengths, personalities and capabilities.

Companies utilizing Pymetrics during the hiring process include Unilever, LinkedIn, Tesla and Accenture. The organization has received press from The New York Times to The Economist and Wall Street Journal. And it works. Data from Pymetrics is showing that job offers and retention rates have increased for the organizations using its services.

From a job seeker standpoint, many of us have started jobs that, in hindsight, weren’t the best fit for our personality types. With Pymetrics, applicants are tested through a series of online games for a certain set of cognitive and emotional traits. The games are put together to help a candidate find a job that’s a great fit! And, this is all done through a common application, removing hiring bias from the hiring equation.

Frida talks about how AI and new approaches to hiring can transform how candidates apply to – and are accepted to – jobs. AI also improves the job application and matching process in a massive way. She also shares how observing the candidate hiring process while earning her MBA at Harvard gave her the idea for Pymetrics. We also have an honest conversation about her early influences, strengths and weaknesses. Listen in to hear how Frida is boldly leading a massively exciting hiring shift in our society.

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