f you’re like us, you love wearing fashion that makes you feel confident and stylish. Today’s Leading Lady creates fashion just like that, and she also takes it a step further by infusing a female empowerment theme into her brand as well.


Who are we talking about? If you guessed Rebecca Minkoff you are right on. Rebecca has the ultimate girl-moves-to-big-city, girl-works-hard and girl-makes-it story. At only 18 years old she moved to NYC to chase her dream of making it as a fashion designer. Many hit pieces, like the Morning After Bag, helped catapulted her accessories line to bold-faced name status. And in 2009, she introduced her first ready-to-wear collection.


Now the Rebecca Minkoff brand has domestic and international retail locations and is distributed in more than 900 stores worldwide. Additionally, as the woman behind the brand, Rebecca was named as a member of the New York State Council on Women and Girls, and in fall of last year she established the Female Founder Collective, which features a network of businesses led by women that invests in female-owned businesses. She’s also the founder and host of Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff.


Listen in as we talk to Rebecca about her design inspirations, her business and her new podcast. Then, visit us at IWantHerJob.com for show notes and a link to our previous interview with Rebecca from 2016.