As the director of audience strategy and entertainment at, Julie Kosin oversees the news team, as well as topics ranging from movie and TV, to books, music and art. She’s been with the publication since graduating from Syracuse in 2014 as a magazine journalism major. Prior to her role at the publication she was an editor for College Fashionista.

When Julie was younger and growing up in Scranton, Pa. – home of yes, The Office – visiting New York City was a special treat. She would look forward to seeing shows on Broadway with her family and visiting the Empire State Building. Now, with NYC as her new home, Julie gets the opportunity to interview A-list celebrities in her office, watch popular TV shows like Game of Thrones (and call it work!), and also plan website content that goes up every half hour on the site for the legendary fashion publication. 

Julie always loved magazines and English classes and realized when she was a senior in high school that it could be a job for her. “I loved getting my ideas on paper, and something clicked for me when I realized I could potentially turn that into a career,” she shares. “Then I started actively researching what that would look like and how journalism could be an option.”

In today’s conversation we discuss how Julie got her start working in the industry, her advice for others who want her job, what it’s like to interview celebrities and more. We also talk about her ability to work across brands with other Hearst magazines like Elle and Marie Claire and talk about one of her favorite video projects she’s ever worked on for