The mission of Megan O’Connor’s company is empowering: We build educators into entrepreneurs. The company she co-founded, Clark, gives tutors and educators an online platform with tools for opening and managing an education business. For example, if you decided you wanted to start a side business tutoring, you could join Clark to automate scheduling, payment management, monitor student progress, find client leads, and get support from others with similar businesses. Clark also has added a content platform that facilitates sharing and collaboration among tutors on content ideas. Clark is the perfect example of technology enabling business owners to improve where they spend their time, and increase their revenue, impact and reach. Clark was even featured on Apple’s Planet of the Apps, and as a result received venture funding and the opportunity to work with Gary Vaynerchuk to perfect their platform. 

Some of the best startups are created when the founders are passionate about solving a problem. While growing up, Megan watched her mother – a school teacher – struggle with the demands of her personal tutoring business. When Megan realized there wasn’t a solution on the market to help her mom reduce time spent on administrative tasks with her tutoring business, the seed for Clark was planted. Today, Clark has 11 full-time employees, funding from leading venture investors, and ambitious plans to continue its work of creating powerful tools that empower the people doing some of the most important work there is, our educators.