When Christine Marsh was younger she wanted to change the world. If you consider high school teachers who change the lives of their students through their passion, enthusiasm and dedication to their work as people who have changed the world, Christine succeeded. Christine has taught high school English in Arizona for 30 years, and was named  Arizona’s Teacher of the Year in 2016. After a repeated number of colleagues and friends encouraged Christine to run for state senate, about 7 different times, Christine decided to go for it. Since teaching is Christine’s first love, Christine is passionate about reducing class sizes and increasing teacher salaries. While serving in the state senate, Christine faced one of the most difficult tragedies any parent can face, Christine’s beloved son died two years ago after purchasing a percocet pill that was laced with fentanyl. Despite her overwhelming grief, Christine has committed to speaking about the dangers of fentanyl whenever possible, and put forth a bill that legalized fentanyl test strips and removed the product from the state’s definition of prohibited drug paraphernalia. Christine is committed to raising awareness on the dangers of counterfeit drugs. As if she didn’t have enough to handle in the last few years, Christine also recently finished treatment for colon cancer, and encourages others to ask their doctors about when to get screened. In our candid conversation, Christine shares how she has endured losing her son, and some of her hopes and goals for the future. We discuss how getting through the next minute, the next hour, and the day was a coping strategy for unimaginable grief.  If you want to be blown away by a woman who is unstoppable, and changing the world through her courage and commitment to serving Arizona’s citizens, we think you will enjoy this conversation with Christine Marsh.