Ashira Solomon is an international Public Speaker and Member of The Quad, an Israeli show with 4 co-hosts covering  everything Israel and Jewish from the unique female perspective. Ashira shares how her grandmother’s dying wish to go to Israel changed the entire path of Ashira’s life. Ashira was born and raised in California, and is currently living in Jerusalem. During Ashira’s first visit to Israel, she immediately felt she had come home. Ashira decided to study in Israel, completed her degrees in California and then relocated to Israel and converted to Judaism.

During our conversation we discuss Ashira’s experience as a black woman in Israel, the evolution of Ashira’s political opinions, what it really feels like to live and study in Israel and how political discourse varies between Israel and the US. We discuss identity politics, misconceptions about Israel and Ashira’s activism.

Zoom in to a topic you want tp hear first:


Childhood, conversion to Judaism, and decision to study in Israel.

 Experience studying terrorism, peace psychology, and learning Hebrew.


– Deepening connection to Israel, language, and people.

– The start of the conversion process and sense of homecoming.

Influences and Evolution


– Influence of family, advisors, and educational experiences.

– Struggles with beliefs and identity.


– Reflections on creating unity amidst diverse perspectives.

– Importance of international experiences and understanding.


– Efforts to unite black and Jewish communities.

– Participation in events, discussions, and initiatives for impact and dialogue.

Communication and Media Engagement


  • Final thoughts and call to action for building bridges and creating a better world.

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