From news reporting to Capitol Hill in various roles, then making a very intentional switch to working in San Diego where Holly Smithson ran CleanTECH San Diego and today as CEO of Athena, Holly has thrived in every role. As Holly shares in this podcast, everything that Holly has done and her success in each role comes from her intention, her desire to mobilize people toward a cause, and her intention to make a meaningful impact.

After realizing Capitol Hill was not right for her, Holly made an intentional decison to move to San Diego. In San Diego, Holly found the business culture with metrics, accountability and cooperation a place where she felt she belonged and could fulfill her vision. While Holly didn’t have any connections in San Diego she had the vision and knew what she had to offer. Holly’s skills and experience combined with her unstoppable confidence and work ethic came together in a way that led to Holly’s amazing success in her roles. As Holly says, “anytime I put my mind to it I will manifest the hell out of it.”

Holly wants others to know that it doesn’t make sense to stay too long in roles that make you unhappy. In the podcast, we discuss why Holly is so committed to Athena and why she is so inspired by the women she works with. Recently, Holly’s breast cancer diagnosis and treatment made her aware of how she could help other women going though cancer. Holly’s newest intention is empowering women to demand the medical care they deserve and to be fierce advocates for themselves. We have no doubt that when Holly decides something, you can’t go wrong jumping on her team or investing in her vision.

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