BJ Miller is a physician, author, speaker,  practicing hospice and palliative medicine physician. In his current role, BJ sees patients and caregivers through Mettle Health, an online palliative care service. Previously,, BJ was the Executive Director of San Francisco’s Zen Hospice Project.

Most importantly, BJ is a deep, soulful thinker with extraordinary compassion and a true desire to help ease and reduce suffering in our world. BJ is also someone who fully appreciates the beauty, connectedness and mystery of our existence so we are thrilled to have BJ as our first male guest on the podcast!

BJ shares how he got on his career path and we discuss the ways his family and upbringing shaped his character.  We discuss the sources of BJ resilience, what BJ has learned about death and the ways society can make dying a better process. Listen in to hear BJ reveal what people who are able to deal with death peacefully  have in common. This is an extraordinary conversation with an extraordinary human. We are honored to share BJ’s story and hope this conversation gives you new insights and maybe a little more peace in talkihng about death.