Dana Perino, Fox News, Co-anchor America’s Newsroom, Co-host The Five, host of Perino on Politics, Former Press Secretary to George W. Bush returns to Meant For It. In addition to learning about Dana’s early influences and her career path, we touch on several issues of the day including news on social media, the Israel war and the time Dana met Putin. Dana also gives us the scoop on what hobby has been keeping her busy in the evenings. We’re hoping Dana’s new hobby leads her to a certain reality TV show for celebrities that has been on TV for over twenty seasons…

Most importantly, Dana reminds us that there have been times in US history when the country has been just as or even more divided and we pulled through to greater days. So if you find yourself in a panic about domestic politics, remember these words from Dana, “our system is the best system of an imperfect set of possibilities, and it does correct itself.”

Dana Perino’s advice on where to go for news:

“So that’s all to say that I don’t know how people are going to get their news. All I can advise people is that I still think there are trusted news sources by the brands that you recognize. And even though you might say, I feel like they’re biased one way or the other, thinking people can factor that in, maybe read both types of papers if you have time.”

Topics covered:

  • Dana’s Attributes leading to success

  • The power of gratitude and discipline in achieving success.

  • Perspectives on national division and the role of social media.

  • The disproportionate media focus on the Middle East.

  • Dana shared experiences meeting Putin and interactions with President Bush.

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