If you decide to divorce a narcissist this is a must-listen episode.  Dr. Ramani, the world’s leading expert on narcissism, joins us for a third episode to discuss what you can expect during a divorce. We cover the emotional landmines, legal traps and issues you are likely to struggle with even long after your divorce. Your ex may start to behave in ways you never expected, like suddenly becoming a father who is completely devoted to sharing custody. We cover the best and worst-case scenarios of ending a marriage with a narcissist, including a quick settlement to the torture of vindictive custody battles.

Dr. Ramani also offers valuable guidelines for getting through the divorce. We cover the importance of choosing a divorce attorney who understands narcissism and why you must be prepared to be meticulous in your activities and always document your communication with your ex. Dr. Ramani suggest you use an app such as My Family Wizard to communicate so it is documented and admissible in court.

We also discuss the emotional impact on children and the long-term consequences of growing up with a narcissistic parent. Doctor Ramani shares invaluable advice on supporting your children and there is a hopeful reminder:  Every child needs just one truly loving and  supportive adult to thrive, and the suffering they endure in a divorce can be transformed into strength and resilience.


Notable Quotes from Doctor Ramani

“You’re going to war, and you have to be prepared for that.”

“Narcissistic people are novelty seekers. They do tend to lose interest in situations, but as long as the kids represent a place of power, they will fight that right to the end.”

“Be present, be attuned, be loving, be all the things you want to be with that child.”

“The courts are about parental rights. It’s not about child’s rights.”

Topics Discussed:

(00:00) Doctor Ramani offers advice on dealing with a narcissist during a divorce (09:29) You need to document everything that happens with your children (13:40) There are two mistakes people make when going through divorce proceedings (25:20) When you have a child with a narcissistic person, your kids are carrying legacy burden (44:00) Legal system for divorces involving children (49:33) Do narcissistic parents ever stop fighting over children? 

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