If you have ever dreaded going to work because of a nightmare colleague or manager you are  not alone. Dr. Ramani joins us again to discuss a topic rarely discussed in corporate environments: narcissism in the workplace.

Did you know narcissists are more likely to be found in certain professions and certain high-status jobs within competitive, elitist environments, such as finance, law, media, entertainment, and even certain medical fields. 

From extreme competitiveness to gaslighting, Dr Ramani gives examples and  discusses the subtle tactics narcissistic bosses use to keep talented employees from advancing and creating a ‘frozen talent’ scenario that keeps high performers stuck in the same roles. Hiding information, stealing ideas, gaslighting, colluding behind your back are all examples of narcissistic behavior at work.

What can you do if you find yourself in a toxic environment? Dr. Ramani has a few suggestions. If you’ve ever felt alone in your workplace struggles or unsure how to handle a narcissistic colleague or boss, this episode is a must-listen. 


“Narcissistic bosses absolutely sap people’s talent.”

“Workplace bullying is actually not against the law.”

“Me Too was not a women’s movement. Me Too was a narcissism movement.”

“It’s almost like corporations are almost like cults, right? They have their messaging, they have their programming, they have their leader.”

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