When Graham Cochrane had to choose between his lifelong dream of being in a rock band or supporting his new family, he made the biggest pivot of his life. Newly married, on food stamps and between jobs, Graham had an idea to musicians by sharing his knowledge of audio engineering and music. Shortly after Graham started creating online courses and videos to help people with audio engineering, his new career as an online sales rockstar was launched. 

We love that even during Graham’s most challenging times on food stamps, he and his wife committed to donating a portion of their income to charity. They have kept that practice and these days are ,giving an astonishing 50% of their earnings to charity.

 If you want to capitalize and earn money in your online business or by sharing what you know. Listen in for tips on how to make it happen.

Our favorite quotes:”The best thing you could do at age 14 is just read a ton of books.”

“We committed to increase our standard of giving every year, not just our standard of living.”