In Laurie Segall’s new book, Special Characters, Laurie shares how she first started covering the tech scene for CNN in the early days of Facebook and Twitter, to the rise of some of today’s most popular apps. Laurie was immediately drawn to the tech scene, and blazed her own path by doing what she loved, often without permission and without an official role. If you are ambitious and hungry to move up in your role, there is much to learn from the way Laurie forged her own path and consistently said yes to ambitious ideas and opportunities. 


We discuss Laurie’s early influences, career highlights, how she pitched her role as CNN’s first multi platform journalist and a series on CNN called Almost Human. We discuss  memories from some of Laurie’s most meaningful interviews covering the Ashley Madison scandal, the QAnon community and much more. Laurie also shares why she left CNN and what lobsters have to do with some of her biggest life decisions.

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