Shelby Stanger’s formula is living life with adventure. When Shelby realized that adventure gave her energy, joy and confidence, she intentionally scheduled and prioritized adventure into her life. By choosing adventure, Shelby found love, a career she loved and a way to bring other people the same gifts. Shelby’s book, Will to Wild, Adventures Great and Small to Change Your Life, shares what she has learned in her years covering adventurers. Shelby reveals the stories of adventure seekers such as hikers, surfers, runners, on how they faced their fears, got unstuck and found meaning and life guidance through their adventures. What we love about Shelby’s story is how her life transformed and her life path emerged with each leap and decision Shelby made to choose authenticity and happiness. Shelby’s advice for those who want to have their own adventure is to put down the deposit, and get ready for your world to expand.