In this short podcast,  we talk about how to shift your perspective about making a difference in the world. It is so easy to compare ourselves with others and to feel that we aren’ doing enough in our lives to make a difference in the world. What if we consider that the way we choose to live our day-to-day life is our personal activism  / impact.  Making a difference isn’t only about huge professional achievements, it is also about the daily interactions and the kindness we share with our family, our friends and the people who cross our path.

From opening a door, complimenting someone, be gentle and thoughtful with your family, to getting to know the people in our communities,  let these micro-acts of positivity fill you up.  If you also fall into the loops of feeling bad about your day job,, this is a reminder that our jobs don’t define our impact on the world—it’s the type of person we are from dawn till dusk that matters.

If you are uncertain about your influence in the world, we hope this is a gentle nudge to feel good about the power and importance of your everyday actions

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