I am thankful for all the guests in 2019 and the opportunity to learn something from each conversation. In 2020, I will be focused on hosting more interviews that capture life changing moments, pivotal career decisions and wise advice. If you enjoy any of these shows, please share them with a friend, and let me know what advice or stories resonated with you.
  1. Lori Gottlieb Thinks ‘Maybe You Should Talk To Someone’ – And Shares Why
  2. Megan O’Connor, CEO and Co-Founder of Clark
  3. Career Quickie: Anna Lambert, Director of Talent Acquisition for Shopify
  4. Amy Chan, Founder Of Renew Breakup Bootcamp, On The Psychology Behind Love
  5. Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action
  6. Dr. Dawn Graham Is In – And She’s Sharing How You Can Switch Careers
  7. Pymetrics Founder Frida Polli On Redefining on Reducing Hiring Bias
  8. Katie Fogarty, Founder of LinkedIn Reboot + Reboot For Business on Personal Branding
  9. Julian Guthrie Discusses Her Latest Book, Alpha Girls
  10. Julie Kosin – Director of Audience Strategy + Entertainment at HarpersBAZAAR.com
  11. Rebecca Minkoff Is A Superwoman On A Mission
  12. Lydia Fenet Of Christie’s Explains Why The Most Powerful Woman In The Room Is … You!
  13.  Silicon Valley’s Esther Wojcicki Shares Advice For Raising And Teaching Successful People
  14. Tender Greens CEO Denyelle Bruno On The Art Of Decision Making
  15. When Life Gives You Lemons … Start A Business: Featuring Sharon Coleman, Founder, Lemon and Honey Gifts
  16. Plus Ultra Bamboo Toothbrush Founder Christina Ramirez Shares Her Journey From Whole Foods Cashier To Entrepreneur
  17. Elisabeth Leonard of Rebecca Minkoff And The Female Founder Collective On Making Major Leaps (That Yes, Really Do Pay Off!)
  18. Vital Voice Training’s Co-Founder Casey Clark On Why Your Voice is the Instrument You Were Born to Play
  19. Startup Investor Fran Hauser Shares Her Superpower For Success: Kindness