Have you ever wondered why scandals slide off certain politicians like water? Jessica Tarlov, co-host of Fox News Channel’s The Five, cable’s highest-rated program, actually did her PHD dissertation examining how scandals impact politicians’ careers. As the lone, democratic voice on The Five, Jessica shares how she handles the daily debates and how she decides to pick her battles. Given our upcoming elections, Jessica has a lot of thoughts on this topic including the phenomena of teflon Don. Jessica loves her job on The Five and feels fortunate for the opportunity to bring alternative opinions and analysis to the most important news stories. 


Topics Discussed

  • (04:10) Political economy professor says none of Trump’s scandals have affected his popularity
  • (10:32) People reject the direction that the Democratic Party is going
  • (19:29) 40% of Americans now identify as an independent
  • (21:00) Thoughts on how Fox is covering the Israel war compared to other networks
  • (24:49) What’s going on on college campuses
  • (40:25) What it’s like to work on The Five


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