Honestly, do you wish you could write copy for a website or email that people actually wanted to read?  Imagine a future where you triple your earnings by learning how to write non sucky copy. In this future you, Laura Belgray is someone you want to know. 

Laura’s new book, Tough Titties, is a hilarious memoir where Laura shares her story, from her awkward teenage years to every major milestone in her life. Luckily for the reader, Laura believes in TMI.  We gaurantee you will laugh out loud and maybe feel better about the embarrassing moments in your life. In our conversation, Laura shares how she teaches people  to write better through her online courses. Yes, it is possible to learn the skill of writing! And, if you think you have nothing to write about, Laura has a course for that also. Laura says, “your everyday, boring, mundane life is full of stories.”

Meet Laura, go to her site for freebies, sign up for her email and join the after hours party.

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