Lindsay Tjepkema was a professional in the B2B marketing space for more than 15 years when she realized there was an opportunity to change how companies tracked and measured the impact of their podcast audio and video content so she jumped on the ideas and co- founded Casted.

Casted has an impressive list of customers, including Salesforce, PayPal, HubSpot, Drift, Gong and ZoomInfo. Casted’s platform is also “the system of record” for Salesforce’s 25+ podcasting shows!

In our conversation, Lindsay shares how she got the idea for Casted, the research she did to plan for the first MVP, her founder story and why she is so enthusiastic about growing Casted’s future. If you are interested in B2B marketing and the future of podcasting, we think you will enjoy this conversation with its CEO . Casted claims it has the ability to analyze content data and turn it into intelligence for sales and marketing. Casted’s platform allows a “fully searchable content archive” with transcription services and tagging.

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