Lindsay Pinchuk was meant to be a  marketer and community builder. Listen to hear how Lindsay used her marketing experience to build her own 7-figure company, Bump Club and Beyond, that reached over 3 million users per month.  Lindsay has experience working with and creating activations for brands such as Target, Nordstrom, The Honest Company, ULTA, Huggies, Unilever, and hundreds more.

Today, Lindsay uses her 25 years of experience in creating and growing brands to help others. As the CEO of Lindsay Pinchuk Marketing + Consulting, Lindsay’s company offers consulting, coaching, and speaking services to businesses of all sizes and stages. Lindsay also started Dear FoundHer, a top 2% podcast that helps female entrepreneurs build, scale, and sell their businesses.

In our conversation we discuss some of Lindsay’s signature marketing strategies, her startup story and why Lindsay is so committed to helping other businesses and entrepreneurs. What I love most about Lindsay is her authenticity. When you speak with Lindsay what you see and hear is what you get, and what are you are getting is decades of marketing experience and and a force energy for getting things fearlessly,

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