Dr. Stanger is one of the top interventionists in the country. She works with families to help them recover and get their loved ones back back from substance addiction. Dr. Stanger is also the mother of a previous guest, Shelby Stanger who shared how outdoor adventures shaped her life. Dr. Louise Stanger and Shelley Stanger are our first mother and daughter guests on the podcast!

In this episode, we discuss what an introductory call with Dr. Stanger is like and how to pay for interventions or how to find other resource options through SAHMSA for people who can’t afford an interventionist.  Dr. Stanger has helped thousands of families with interventions and speaks with passion about her work,”I love it. Love it. I absolutely love it”, says Dr. Stanger.  

Dr. Stanger’s own family history with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide allows her to understand the pain families are feeling. Dr. Stanger’s expertise and dedication remind us that even in life’s darkest moments, there are people who have devoted their lives to helping others recover.

To learn more about Dr. Stanger’s work, visit her website and sign up for blog. And if you know a family in need of an intervention, you can confidently refer them to Dr. Stanger.

Dr. Stanger

Shelby Stanger