#176 Naborforce Founder and CEO Paige Wilson is on a Mission To Help Seniors and Connect Communities Meant For It

In our conversation Paige shares the inspiration for starting Naborforce and the lightbulb moment that gave her the idea for a business model and the confidence to make her idea a reality. Naborforce is an online platform that connects “nabors” to seniors requesting help for everyday tasks such as  household chores, groceries and  driving. “Nabors” get extra income and a meaningful way to connect to people in their community. Paige’s finance experience gave her the skills to research the market and create a business model that fit the varying market needs by region.  Today, NaborForce offers  standard hourly pricing or monthly plans and packages so seniors can get assistance from a trusted network of care providers. Naborforce is also signing up partnerships with employers so employees can get help balancing work with the type of caregiving activities that often push stretched employees to leave their jobs.

In our conversation, Paige shares the milestones in getting Naborforce started, how she is building her business and her expansion plans. We love Naborforce’s mission and are thrilled to share this conversation with you!

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