In this life deeply soulful conversation we speak with  Nicole Avant to discuss her  tribute to her mom in her new book  “Think You’ll Be Happy.” We explore themes from Nicole’s book including living a life centered around  love of family, community, the arts, gratitude and serving others.

Nicole’s mindset is an example of the power of  positive energy and the importance of being a blessing to others, no matter the circumstances. Nicole talks about her upbringing in a household filled with love, wisdom, and how she learned from so many wonderful people that were friends with her parents. Nicole’s parents, Clarence Avant and Jacqueline Avant were both extraordinary leaders in the music industry and in their communities. The Avant  home was a meeting place for some of America’s greatest artists and leaders such as Ella Fitzgerald, Maya Angelou, the Clintons and the Obamas. Despite her glamorous and successful life, Nicole remains humble and grounded, attributes she credits to her mother’s teachings.

We discuss how Nicole intentionally turned a tragedy into a source of inspiration, the importance of traditional values and the impact of small acts of kindness. 

We know you will not forget the lessons Nicole shares on being good, spreading good, supporting people who are grieving and choosing to  be the blessing every day of your life. 

Nicole Avant

Nicole’s father Clarence Avant

Clarence Avant, Mighty Engine Behind Black Superstars, Dies at 92

Zoom in:

(00:00) Nicole Avant’s new book is about love and gratitude

(05:22) The book is focused on grit, grace, and gratitude

(09:10) How your mother taught you to be the blessing

(16:20) This book really made me want to be a better friend

(22:13) You left your ambassadorship in the Bahamas to support your family

(27:08) In your book, you talk about bullying among children in today’s society

(34:00) Your mom taught you to always be grateful. What are some of your favorite life lessons

(38:26) You talk a lot about energy and intuition in the book

(42:27) You talk about learning from your ancestors, and your father had incredible life story

(46:11) Investment in the arts

(51:35) Lessons from Nicole’s mom

(55:25) Paying it forward

(59:47) Lead with generosity. Really is the message out of this book

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