Steve Leder is the head Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, one of the country’s most influential rabbis and the author of 5 life changing books. Rabbi Leder joins us for a second podcast to discuss topics such as the foundations of Jewish faith, fascinating historical anecdotes, problems with DEI, the role of education in Judaism, mental health and addiction.

Did you know that the founding fathers of the United States considered adopting Hebrew as the official language? Or that Napoleon played a pivotal role in the emancipation of European Jews? 

Whether you’re deeply religious, spiritually curious, or simply a lover of history, there will be something for you in this discussion. 

Topics Discussed:

  • The Jewish emphasis on ethical behavior

  • Significance of education within Jewish tradition, the resilience of the Jewish people, and the challenges faced by modern organized religion.

  • Anxiety is genetic for many Jewish people 

  • Rabbi Leder candidly  shares his personal struggle with anxiety and the way meds can enrich and save lives 

(01:01) Differences between Judaism and Christianity

(09:00) The idea that Jews are white eastern european colonizers is absurd

(18:23) The problem with diversity, equality and inclusion

(31:14) Hate of Jews subordinates the rest of their entire identity

(36:32) The democratic party no longer represents the working class

(38:40) As it relates to God and religion, how much do you think our country has veered

(56:13) I was not capable of balancing it, which is why I’m stepping aside

(01:04:41) Painkiller addiction and how it changed your life

(01:16:45) Spirituality is the sanctification of the ordinary