Sally Wolf is one of the most inspiring people we have talked to. If you don’t believe us you can ask her classmates from her Stanford MBA program who voted her the “most inspiring” member of their class or her nephew who said she was the most positive person he knows. Sally spent two decades rising in the corporate sector in  the media industry working at NBCUniversal and Time Warner before a series of cancer diagnoses changed her life and career focus. Today, Sally is the Founder and CEO of LightWorks, providing wellbeing consulting to corporate clients to empower individuals, teams and entire organizations to thrive. After listening to this conversation, we think you will agree that Sally excels at positive psychology and making people feel like they can overcome all their challenges. We are in awe of Sally’s ability to live with tremendous gratitude, to make meaning of her cancer struggle and to live with an abundance of joy and determination to help others. In addition to everything above, Sally is also an expert pole dancer. Bet you didn’t expect that to be Sally’s hobby.

Don’t miss this unforgettable conversation with a beautiful woman.

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