Valerie June is a force of beauty and a rising music star. In our conversation, Valerie shares when she started to sing and walks us through her song writing process. Valerie explains how songs mysteriously come to her through humming and chanting while she is living her life , washing dishes or simply walking in nature. We discuss Valerie’s new book, Light Beams: A Workbook for Being Your Badass Self, dedicated to helping people connect to themselves and the earth through various exercises. Listen to hear how Valerie’s creative soul experiences tree bathing and connecting to water.  Twenty years ago,  when Valerie was cleaning houses, she had a vision of herself as a musician that included how she would spend each day. Today, that vision is her reality. After listening to this conversation, you may be inspired to give yourself permission to follow the ideas that comes to you in your sacred moments.

Reviews for Valerie:

“This stunning song cycle of redemption and reclamation adds an orchestral-pop sheen to June’s gorgeous blend of astral folk and meditative R&B.” – Rolling Stone

“Most intriguing, fully formed new talents.” -New York Times

Topics Discussed:

  • Tree bathing
  • The ancient wisdom of trees
  • How the water connect us
  • The earth is crying
  • The exercises in Valerie’s book to help you to connect and reflect
  • What would it look like if we designed AI from a place of positivity and beauty
  • Beauty is a political force
  • Talking to the other side
  • Valerie’s new book Light Beams
  • Valerie’s upbringing

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