We are certain that Kathy Caprino’s authenticity about finding a career that feels right will resonate with your personal story and we guarantee you will be soothed by her advice and caring voice. Kathy is an internationally-recognized career, executive and leadership coach, trainer, writer, and speaker dedicated to supporting the advancement and success of women in business. In her role as a Senior Forbes contributor and host of the Finding Brave podcast, Kathy helps listeners explore ways to be brave. Most importantly, Kathy is deeply committed to heaping women find their calling.

In our conversation, Kathy shares why her previous experience as a corporate executive left her feeling empty and how she pivoted first to becoming a marriage and family therapy and then how she found her calling in career coaching and writing. We discuss Kathy’s path in detail and the ways Kathy has found meaning in helping women thrive. 

If you enjoy this episode, then you have to check out Kathy’s book, The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths To Career Bliss, where Kathy explores the 7 damaging power gaps that negatively affect 98% of professional women and 90% of men today. Kathy’s book teaches you how to overcome these gaps to reach your highest potential.

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