Are you tired of the constant stream of bad news? Angus Hervey shares his story of being a depressed news junkie overwhelmed by negativity to a source of hope through his good news site,  Fix the News. Angus discusses the negativity bias in the media and how it skews our perception of the world. He explains that while the news often focuses on what’s wrong, there’s a wealth of positive progress happening globally that goes unreported.

Angus’s Ted Talk

We discuss the importance of  shifting the narrative from problems to solutions, particularly in areas like climate change, where positive developments are often overlooked. Angus explains how a deliberate pursuit of good news changed his outlook on the world, improved his mental well-being and his approach to parenting. Teachers and parents are using his newsletter to have more balanced and hopeful conversations with children. Angus’ work is filing overwhelming gap in mass media. Since most people don’t have the time to search for good news, buy subscribing to Fix the News newsletter, you can also have a more accurate picture of the world. When you balance the negative with the positive it is more likely to inspire action since the world doesn’t seem so hopeless. 

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Memorable Quotes

“Optimism isn’t a reaction to the world around me. It’s a choice by which you can navigate the world around you.”

“For every story of death, disaster, and destruction, I can very easily tell a story of kindness, connection, and hope.”

“The future is going to be messy and unpredictable and chaotic, but I don’t think that we’re all doomed.”

“We need to shift our focus now and start talking about the solutions as a way to get more action.”


(00:00) Introduction and the concept of Fix the News

(05:20) The negativity bias in media

(10:45) Finding good news: sources and strategies

(15:30) Personal transformation through positive news

(20:15) Impact of positive news on society

(25:50) Challenges of running a good news media outlet

(30:10) The role of good news in education and parenting

(35:00) Angus’ early influences and personal background

(40:15) Final thoughts and future goals for Fix the News

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